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LOS ANGELES, CA -- If you're familiar
with the online job search process, you know how complicated it can be to
post your resume to all the many different career search websites. Some
ask you to copy and paste your resume. Some ask you to retype all your
information. Some processes are so complicated, it almost seems like a
waste of time to even post your resume at all!

In browsing the various
online job search options, we came across one service that claimed to save
tons of time and make our job search process much easier.

Resume Rabbit
is a website to which you post your resume information one time and they
take care of the rest by instantly distributing it to up to 75 different
job search websites. So, we decided to check it out for ourselves.

had our own investigator sign up for the service and report her
experiences. First, Resume Rabbit states that the process of signing up
only takes 5 minutes - and it did, their form was quick and easy (it could
take a little longer if you didn't have a current resume).

applicant first chose a username and password, then she followed the clear
and user-friendly prompts for filling in the pertinent information. She
was asked to enter her contact information, her level of experience & job
preferences. Then she had to paste in her resume. Many of the questions
simply required her to "point and click." Before long, she was ready to
push the "Post Me Now" button.

After entering her data, she paid a
reasonable service charge and a few minutes later checked her email inbox.
Literally, within minutes, she had confirmation of her application and had
received emails telling her about her posting report.

A short time
later, she was also able to see her Resume Rabbit "Real Time Posting
Report" online showing her the job boards she had been posted to and the
usernames and passwords she'd need to log into the websites. In many cases
she could even push a simple "Auto Login" button which took her
immediately to the posted site and logged her right into her account.
Resume Rabbit claims that once information is entered, a resume will be
sent to and posted on up to 75 different job search websites within 72
hours. Our applicant barely had to wait 72 minutes for most of them! Just
days later, our applicant had two interviews set up and was sure she'd
have many more to come as a result of Resume Rabbit's easy and dependable

Admittedly, we were uncertain that Resume Rabbit would, in
fact, be able to provide the instant results it claimed it would. We were
extremely impressed with the reliability of the service and the timely

If you're looking for a way to cut your job search time by 60
hours and maximize your job opportunities Resume Rabbit is definitely the
tool you've been looking for. Using this service, your resume can be seen
by up to 1.5 million employers daily!

If you're currently in the job
market, we recommend you give this service a try. Just go to...

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