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Mon Aug 25 12:28:28 EDT 2008

2008/8/25 Richard Laager <rlaager at>

> > As with contact info, Pidgin's "Buddies" > "View User Log…" menu item
> > showed me not the log of the person I had selected,
> What else in the Buddies (note plural) menu acts on the selected buddy?
> The right-click context menu's "View Log" option acts on that buddy.
> > nor a list of contacts for whom any conversations had been logged
> The dialog text entry box will autocomplete names based on the logs that
> exist. Perhaps this would be more obvious if you actually had logs.
> What sort of UI were you looking for here?
>        A) Some giant list of names? If so, how is that superior to
>        using the buddy list and using the context menu?
>        B) Some giant list of conversations? This is pretty expensive to
>        generate, as you'd have to walk a large directory tree. It only
>        seems useful if you said, "I remember talking about this with
>        someone yesterday, but I don't remember who..." I don't know how
>        common that use case is, but it's never happened to me.
It sounded like he wanted the Buddies menu to act on the currently selected
contact in the buddy list.
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