setting names for jabber

Benjamin Palmares benjpal at
Fri Aug 29 02:27:10 EDT 2008

I have been looking for the setting names for prpl-jabber to place in
this functions:

purple_account_set_int (PurpleAccount *account, const char *name, int
value) and
purple_account_set_string (PurpleAccount *account, const char *name,
const char *value)

    	account 	The account.
    	name 	The name of the setting.
    	value 	The setting's value.

My search got me to this page

I tried using the setting related setting for jabber but when I try to
connect jabber uses the default options instead.
I tried changing the setting for yahoo-prpl using the posted setting
names and got positive results. Is there a more detailed documentation
in using these functions and setting names for jabber?

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