Custom smilies without shortcuts

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at
Sun Aug 31 20:16:09 EDT 2008

Marcus Lundblad wrote:

> This is the way it works in the MSN protocol.
> The message itself is sent as the text. Then the smileys are sent as
> "objects", where the objects are associated with a string.
> The current implementation in libpurple is oriented in this way too.
> Theoretically custom smileys on XMPP using XHTML-IM in conjunction with
> binary objects (XEP-0231) wouldn't need to automatically substitute a
> shortcut string with an image. But this is the way it is done with the
> current patch (that I have written) and this is also how it is supported
> in libpurple (actually GTKIMHTML, the widget that Pidgin uses to display
> messages), that smileys are added using their strings, kinda like
> "extending" the default smiley theme.
> I also think it is good idea that it would work the same way for both
> XMPP and MSN accounts.

Hi Marcus,

Could you provide an example of how this looks in XMPP? Or perhaps work 
with me to update XEP-0038 along these lines?

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