Autochange Buddy Icon

Matteo Landi matteo.landi at
Sun Feb 3 15:16:38 EST 2008

Well, we are closer to the end!
A stable version of the plugin is ready!
There are still few things to fix, and i'm working on them:
-make the change settings affect the the already loaded plugin, without
make it unload and load again
-change the buddy icon only for accounts that let it do
-change also the status icon (for the moment i don't know how to handel
the the status box: suggestions are welcome!)
Here are 2 questions:
1)use-global-buddyicon: it s not so clear for me how this flag works; i
imagined that in order to set a global buddy icon, i had to set this
flag to true; instead it's the opposite.. why that?
2)where should i upload the plugin in order to publish it and get some
feedback, and bugs notice?

Tnx in advance for the help

On Mon, 2008-01-28 at 23:23 -0500, Mark Doliner wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Jan 2008 01:29:39 +0100, Matteo Landi wrote
> > static void
> > init_plugin (PurplePlugin *plugin)
> > {
> >         char *userdir;
> > 
> >         userdir = (char *)purple_user_dir ();
> >         purple_prefs_add_none (PREF_PREFIX);
> >         purple_prefs_add_string (PREF_PATH, userdir);
> >         purple_prefs_add_int (PREF_REFRESH, 5);
> >         purple_prefs_add_bool (PREF_RECURSIVE, FALSE);
> >         free (userdir);
> > }
> What makes you think you're supposed to free userdir?  There is some pretty
> extension documentation about the libpurple API at
>  That page happens to be down you can
> obtain the same documentation by running "make docs" in our source tree.
> -Mark

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