Patch for Yahoo Messenger problems w/ HTTP proxy

Gideon N. Guillen gideong at
Sun Feb 10 20:39:10 EST 2008

On Monday 11 February 2008 07:51:03 you wrote:
> Not being intimately familiar with purple_util_fetch_url_request() and its
> inner workings, I may be missing something here, but is there any reason we
> couldn't just use the full URL all the time, regardless of whether we're
> using a proxy or not?  It seems more sensible to me at first glance.

Some web servers don't like passing the whole URL to your HTTP request (GET, 
POST, HEAD, etc) because some might be configured to deny requests 
constructed in that format. That format used on web servers usually is a "red 
flag" that someone is attempting to use you web server as an open proxy 

Gideon N. Guillen
gideong at

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