Revenue generating features in Pidgin

Hylke Bons h.bons at
Tue Feb 12 07:19:42 EST 2008

Even if some advertisements were placed, they will probably be removed 
by the linux distributions.
I do find the spell check idea, where you can see where the suggestions 
came from, is an interesting idea.
This will also make Pidgin less dependent on spell checking libraries. 
It's like the Google search bar in Firefox. But it should never be 
something like a search bar or just a plain ad, because it has nothing 
to do with Pidgin.


Matí­as Alejandro Torres wrote:
> Not a developer,
> One of the nicest things about open software are its freedom of choice 
> and the absent of advertisements in anoying places, please don't :'(
> Matías
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