Sounds for XMPP and IRC

Matt Heidsick matt.heidsick at
Tue Feb 12 12:38:08 EST 2008


I am pretty new to this mailing list and need some help. We are looking 
for using Pidgin in our department as our main tool of communication and 
are primarily using the Jabber/XMPP as well as the IRC protocol. We are 
currently on Trillian but would like to move away from it. I have found 
everything we need so far in the Pidgin client, all except one thing. 
The sounds are very important to us as we use the to alert other team 
members of special events. I can not seem to find a plugin or any other 
document that would suggest sounds for those two protocols are even 
possible with Pidgin. Of course I don't want to compare Trillian with 
pidgin, but it would be great if someone could point me into the right 
direction and let me know how I can add different sounds to pidgin.

Thank you in advance!!!
Matt Heidsick

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