Revenue generating features in Pidgin

Etan Reisner pidgin at
Tue Feb 12 14:56:12 EST 2008

I have on more than one occasion suggested in #pidgin that if any feature
like these was to ever make it into pidgin it would need to be done as a
plugin. As such they would be entirely optional, but function as
feature-additions as well as cost-free donations to the project. I am
quite certain that if were able to come up with plugins which actually
added usefully to people's IM experience in pidgin they would find users,
other issues notwithstanding.

I remain incredibly in favor of such plugins, for any and all comers, and
incredibly against any built-in (that is non-removable) features of this


P.S. On a similar note, I think it could also behoove us to implement
plugins that tie in to the major (and not so major) distributions bug
systems, community sites, etc. All of which would increase the benefit to
our users (which is a concern I can easily be claimed as not generally
putting foremost in my thoughts) as well as (potentially) increasing our
favor with the distributions. (Not to mention possibly reducing our
workload, just imagine if there was a gentoo bug plugin which when people
joined #pidgin with pidgin asked them if they had a bug and what the
nature of their bug is, and then displayed to them a listing of similar
bugs already filed with gentoo?)

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