request consideration for aclocal.m4 modification

Bill Fassler bill.fassler at
Thu Feb 28 13:21:43 EST 2008

Gang - 

No one responded to my last thread regarding this second modification that I must make in order to get finch cross-compiled to the Blackfin DSP architecture.

So I will explicitly ask for the modification of aclocal.m4 although my patch may not necessarily be the best solution.

I see this error:

make[3]: Entering directory `/home/vocal/project/blackfin-svn-trunk/bf561-vphone/archive/uClinux-wchar/user/pidgin-first/libpurple'
Making all in gconf
make[4]: Entering directory `/home/vocal/project/blackfin-svn-trunk/bf561-vphone/archive/uClinux-wchar/user/pidgin-first/libpurple/gconf'
LC_ALL=C ../../intltool-merge -s -u -c ../../po/.intltool-merge-cache ../../po purple.schemas
Possible unintended interpolation of @INTLTOOL_ICONV in string at ../../intltool-merge line 96.
Global symbol "@INTLTOOL_ICONV" requires explicit package name at ../../intltool-merge line 96.
BEGIN not safe after errors--compilation aborted at ../../intltool-merge line 263.
make[4]: *** [purple.schemas] Error 9

and nothing as simple as running, autoreconf -i, libtoolize --force or intltoolize --force works in and of itself.

I was reminded of this when I had to do a distclean in order to obtain the pre and post version of my config.log to help justify my request to modifiy

Now upon a second round of experience with this, it seems like I need to modify aclocal.m4 and then also run libtoolize --force and intltoolize --force, but one thing is certain pidgin-2.3.1 will not cross compile for my architecture as is.


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