[PATCH] Add serv_got_private_alias

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at gmx.net
Fri Feb 29 03:06:37 EST 2008


this is just a sidenode from someone reading and not knowing much 
details, so please feel free to correct or ignore me ;)

Evan Schoenberg wrote:
> Precisely, and a minimal UI (e.g. Buddy list itself) should prefer the  
> private one to the public one, while a verbose UI will likely show  
> both (e.g. Buddy tooltip)
Maybe I'm totally wrong, but if I understand it correctly we're talking 
about three different things, so why aren't there 3 different functions 
for that?

1. Nickname which the remote contact sets. This can change anytime and 
libpurple should notify the UI about it.
2. A private alias for a remote contact, which can be stored on the 
server. Of course this is only valid for protocols, which support such a 
feature. For protocols which allow more than one login, this could also 
change anytime, for others only during connecting (as you could have 
logged in with another client in the meantime and changed that alias).
3. The private alias of libpurple. This one is never stored on the 
server and should therfore only change when the UI requests a change. 
Maybe you could offer a callback for that too, so the UI can be sure 
that the requested change has actually happend.

Now what I see in the discussion, that 2. and 3. is sometimes a bit 
mixed up.


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