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Sulabh Mahajan at
Tue Jul 1 04:09:50 EDT 2008

Yahoo Messenger 9 uses YMSG 16, we don't support the login sequence it uses.
I will be working on it, after my GSoC project is over, if no one else does
it by then. :)
Sooner or later version 16 login process will be done.

Pidgin uses the same login process as yahoo 8.1, we still support old login
process, though I don't think its used anymore.
We can also use web messenger login type, though its turned off by default.

Can you tell me what difference you found in the login process of pidgin and
yahoo 8.1.

Depending upon your firewall settings and connection preferences, YMSG data
might be sent to one of several ports yahoo server supports, like HTTP, even
This might change the way the login process appears on a packet sniffer,
like wireshark doesn't recognize the data as YMSG when sent to port 23.
We only send to port 5050.


2008/7/1 Sanjay Raghani <sanjay.raghani at>:

> Hi,
> Pidgin 2.4.2 client implements Yahoo Protocol Version 15 (Yahoo
> client). However the login protocol used by Pidigin is different than that
> used by Yahoo 8.1 clients. Pidgin 2.4.2 seem to be using older login
> protocol.
> Please correct me if it is not the case.
> Further i would like to know that is there some work currently being done
> to implement/support the newer login protocol of for Yahoo?
> Also the newer Yahoo 9 version (which is still in beta) has different login
> sequence in comparison to even the Yahoo 8 (version 15).
> Regards
> Sanjay
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