very slow

Kevin Stange kstange at
Wed Jul 2 03:37:20 EDT 2008

Mark Doliner wrote:
> I think it's probably because AOL was not allowing ICQ accounts to
> login from Pidgin because we were advertising ourselves as an older
> version of the software, and the error message that we present to
> users directs them to download a newer version at  I
> imagine the slowness will clear up in a day or two.
> On a related note, if someone happened to donate a decent 1U server to
> us, do you think we could get that co-located somewhere for free?
> Would our current hosting provider be able to do that?  A dedicated 1U
> server would be an improvement over our current shared server, right?
> I don't know who of us has talked to our hosting provider in the
> past... is anyone interesting in asking them about this?

I can probably not do it for free, but I've got everyone at work using 
Pidgin, and I may still be able to offer something on the order of a P4 
3.0 for the original quote that I gave you guys back whenever that was. 
  Colocation is a little bit of a different story, but a concrete 
proposal I can take to my boss would help and I can tell you how much we 
can do it for.


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