Identifying Pidgin client from packet trace

Sulabh Mahajan at
Thu Jul 3 03:19:13 EDT 2008

I guess the answer would be a NO.

>From packet traces alone it will be tough to see if the client is not yahoo
messenger, tough not impossible. We try to implement the protocol as close
as we can (as much as we  understand the protocol). You might be able to
notice some minute differences. The differences that either we don't care
about because things work well in spite of them or we fail to notice

You can use these minute differences to GUESS that we aren't yahoo messenger
but some 3rd party client. Though with so many different versions of yahoo
messengers, I wont be very sure about my guess.


2008/7/3 Sanjay Raghani <sanjay.raghani at>:

> Hi,
> While using Pidgin to connect to Yahoo, is there some property/field in the
> packet on the basis of which Pidigin client can be differtiated from a Yahoo
> client?
> Something like user agent or any other property in the protocol packets.
> Or in other words, from a packet trace, is there some way to identify that
> the login was from a pidgin client?
> Thanks
> Sanjay Raghani
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