Monotone analysis

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Jul 9 23:03:12 EDT 2008

Felipe Contreras wrote:
> I would like to hear another theory about why nobody is using it.

I personally don't care why "nobody" (according to you) is using it.  It works
for us.  End of story.

> Fortunately I don't have to work with such a horrid tool where it's
> impossible to follow what's happening on a single branch without a
> diagram, let alone the whole project.

I've yet to need a diagram to follow any of our branches.  It's not difficult.
If it's difficult for you, that's not our problem.

> And by the way, I don't see why you react so passionately about
> criticism to the DSCM you are using. It's just a tool, tools can suck.

Tools can suck, yes.  No one is debating that.  In this case, my opinion is that
your understanding of monotone isn't even described by "sucks".

I'll state this as simply as I can:

Monotone meets our needs and is easily extended for future needs.
Micro-branches work for us--we understand them and can actually use them
effectively.  We made the decision to use monotone long ago, when you were still
off somewhere ignoring us.  We aren't changing our minds just because you think
we made the wrong choice.  Ever since you showed back up and started msn-pecan
all I've seen out of you are either announcements for new releases of msn-pecan
or posts bitching about monotone.

We get the point that you don't like monotone.  We also get the point that you
think we were wrong for choosing it.  I don't care.  If you can't live with us
using the tools of our choice, or at least not bitch about it every five
minutes, then I think you need to get the hell out of Dodge.

The *only* reason I'm reacting so strongly to your bitching about monotone is
that you're doing nothing but wasting our time and bandwidth for garbage we've
already said "We don't care" to more times than I can count.  Apparently we were
too subtle in saying this previously, so there it is in its simplest possible form.

This thread is now officially dead to me.


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