Bounty for voice/video support in Pidgin

Mark Doliner mark at
Wed Jul 23 13:54:09 EDT 2008

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 4:07 PM, Mark Doliner <mark at> wrote:
> Following on the footsteps of Maiku's Summer of Code post...
> Did you guys know that there's a fairly substantial bounty for adding
> voice and video chat capabilities to Pidgin/libpurple?  Currently
> $5,176.36 US.  You can contribute to the bounty at
> I don't know how other devs feel, but I think this bounty is a pretty
> cool idea.  Bounties might have a tendency to make people write quick
> and dirty code that gets the job done, so we should be careful to
> continue to have our same ridiculously high standard for code quality.
> I think we should probably work with the person currently assigned as
> the project lead for that bounty to do two things:
> 1. Break the project into subprojects.  We should at least split up
> the various protocols, and possibly separate voice from video.
> 2. I've talked to the person currently assigned as the project lead
> for the bounty, John-Paul Gignac, and he's open to handing the bounty
> off to someone who is more closely involved with the project.  Is
> anyone interested in working with us Pidgin devs and doing various
> bounty related administrative tasks?  This could be a current Pidgin
> dev, or a level-headed individual who follows this mailing list and/or
> does bug triage but doesn't necessarily contribute code.

Richard Laager volunteered!  He's been assigned as the bounty lead and
the old lead (one of the founders of has assigned
some credits to Richard.

And in my previous email I forgot to mention that FOSS Factory has
promised to match up to $10,000 of other people's contributions (they
also provided the initial $5000).

Fun times.


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