Pidgin video conferencing plugin developed

Ashod Apakian ashod.apakian at
Sat Jul 26 04:00:22 EDT 2008

Hi Guys,

Im from MeBeam a video chat service, which is building video calling plugins for most

XMPP clients.


A pidgin plugin has now been completed, and allows you to make video
calls to anyone or more friends your contact list, even if the people you
are calling do not have the plugin on their end.

Its cross compatible, so you can make a video call to anyone, regardless
of their client.

e.g place a video call to three friends at once, from pidgin, even if your
friends are on other clients, such as google talk, exodus, trillian etc.

I'm expecting to release this in the next few days, but would like to 
give it a pre-release go, with some seasoned pidgin users, to make 
certain its works well, and is seamless anough for everyones taste.

Please email me at   
ashod.apakian @@@
ashod@@@ apakian . com

or via skype:  ashod.apakian


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