Problem linking .0 file to nullclient

Florin Diaconeasa florin.diaconeasa at
Tue Jul 29 17:57:30 EDT 2008


I'm currently trying to extend the nullclient that comes with the sources of
pidgin(in libpurple).

I have created a directory inside the example directory, which is called
Managers. Inside this directory i have 2 files:


written in C ofcourse.

Here i have 2 functions testOne() and testTwo()

The problem that i'm facing right now is that i can't seem to be able to
link the Test.o file to the compilation of nullclient

I've modified the LINK var(in the so to contain
Managers/Test.o, but it doesn't do the trick, as i get undefined reference
to testOne() and testTwo()

Is there something that i'm missing? The .h files are included correctly.

Thank you very much for your time and hope you can offer me a tip or at
least redirect me towards good documentation, as i don't even know what to
search for right now :(


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