pidgin: 7336d0ba: Added paramater to aim_send_login() to a...

Evan Schoenberg evands at
Sat Jun 7 13:32:54 EDT 2008

On Jun 7, 2008, at 12:42 PM, Will Thompson wrote:

> On 07/06/08 16:45, evands at wrote:
>> Added paramater to aim_send_login() to allow control over whether  
>> we want
>> multiple logins or not per AIM connection. If TRUE, we have the  
>> current
>> behavior, in which the AIM server prompts the user as to what to  
>> do. If FALSE,
>> existing logins are disconnected as we connect. We pass
> Maybe this should be an account option or something?
> (You are probably already plotting to do this.  :-))

Yup, precisely. :)

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