PHPurple 0.1.0 pre-alpha is released

Anatoliy Belsky anatoliy at
Sun Mar 2 17:09:47 EST 2008

ok ... tell me please, what the more clause would satisfy all the requirements 
I haven't included in my variant? ... hm ... please see it so - if i'll get 
blocked with my thing ... hm .. it's the very end for me with all the binding 
ever ... is this what one ever willing? ... but I wanna also to be able to 
return the hours I've spended on  

... hm ... I'm human ... this binding costs for me 4 month of my life .......: 
if someone will tell me, the license is important and therefore ... i can't 
compensate the development time ... my time ... ok ... i can't .... hm ... 
ok ...  I've learned a lot ... but the opensource comunity will lose a 
donative member ... definitely ... and I wan't this ... please give me a 
chance .... what the sentence must into the license ? 


On Sunday 02 March 2008 22:41, you wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 1:29 PM, Anatoliy Belsky <anatoliy at> 
> >  hm, if it's really so, I become pretty dissilusioned with this all
> > license shit ......: but i'll wait for some really juristic feadbacks ...
> > or was it already?
> Well, I'm also not a lawyer, but this is a pretty straight-forward case.
> The "good" (depending on your perspective, I guess) thing is that just
> *using* the library is not subject to licensing restrictions. This
> means that a service like Meebo, can write software that uses it, run
> it on their servers, and not be required to release source. It's only
> if they were to make the Meebo server code publicly available, they
> would need to distribute source.
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