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> >     I see that Google is starting to take applications from projects and
> >     will soon be taking applications from students.  What sort of things
> >     would we like to see in this year's projects?
> >
> >
> > I would like to see Gobjectification as a SoC project.  I know its been
> > said that that it would be too big for a SoC project, but if there was
> > some way we could break it down a little bit into something
> > accomplishable for the 3-4 months of SoC I think it would be a great way
> > to get the ball rolling on this.  At least rolling faster then me
> > playing with it and complaining in #guificiations :-P
> >
> > I have selfish reasons for this idea since it would make completing the
> > monoloader a whole lot simpler and cleaner.
> >
> > By suggesting this I'm also implicitly volunteering to help out with
> > it.  Not sure how comfortable devs would be with me mentoring though.
> >
> Perhaps a reasonable goal would be to push through a switch of just the
> buddy list to gobjects or something similar, so that groups, buddies and
> chats (in the blist) would be gobjects, but not (yet) conversations or
> chats themselves, or the various other things we have.
> luke

Yeah something like that would be reasonable and doable I think.  Mainly,
from what I can gather with conversations with rekkarnyo (did I get that
right? this is the first time I've typed that nick without tab-completion
:-P) and grim there are two obstacles that are making gobjectification a
pain at the moment.

1.) Modifying struct members directly instead of through api functions;
we've already begun working on this (indeed this weekend I spent some time
playing with an idea to help fix it).

2.) Hard to keep the gobjectification branch up to date with the mainline

But yeah.  Like I said I would like to see this go forward if there is any
students interested in implementing it.

I'll now keep quiet so as to not flood this thread with non-SoC info :-P

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