GSoC project idea: Mobile phone prpl

Atamurad Hezretkuliyev atamyrat at
Tue Mar 4 15:38:26 EST 2008


Think of purple protocol plugin that talks to mobile phone connected
to the computer via Bluetooth / irda / USB / serial cable.

Here's how this works.
 - On sign on, prpl fetches address book from mobile and displays
names in buddy list.
 - When someone sends you SMS, mobile phone is silent but Pidgin
conversation window pops up and shows the SMS text. Users can reply to
it directly from pidgin.
 - Users can send SMS / start conversation from buddy list.
 - When new buddy is added, or buddy details are edited, prpl will
sync with mobile device.

Some useful features:
 - Using qwerty keyboard when I'm sitting on laptop and have to reply SMS.
 - SMS conversations are logged. This is something I wish because my
phone starts to slow down after 20 smss in inbox so I have to clear it
- Text replacement plugin can be used to compress outgoing SMS,
replacing 'you' with 'u'.
- When mobile phone is not connected, other sms gateways can be used
to deliver message.

If you think this would be something useful, I'd like to apply for
GSoC08 to work on this project. Comments / questions are welcome!


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