GSoC project idea: Mobile phone prpl

Atamurad Hezretkuliyev atamyrat at
Thu Mar 6 02:33:38 EST 2008

On 3/6/08, Etan Reisner <pidgin at> wrote:
> Do you know that mobile phones allow this kind of access to the address
> book and sms sending and receiving?
> -Etan

Yes, sending/receiving SMS and access to phonebook can be done with AT
commands and fully documented in the GSM standart specifications.

However, some phones does not implement all functions and work
correctly. Any code that talks to gsm modem (mobile phone) is full of
hacks specific to the device / model.

There are already lot of open source code that supports majority of
mobile phones.
Gammu, KMobileTools, libgsm are some of them.

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