Typing notifications are now shown in the conversation area

adUs aduz at tlen.pl
Thu Mar 6 08:03:02 EST 2008

OK, you're right. My first message was too emotional :D. Sorry for that.
It is the first time I'm writing anything on this maillist, because
till now I loved everything about Pidgin (except the name 'Gaim' was
better, hehe, just joking :D). I don't know if there was any discussion
regarding changes of this feature. I don't know if there are many people,
who like the new solution more than the previous.
The thing is, that for me, it is not important how the notification appears.
The most important thing is that it shouldn't appear in the conversation window.
I think that conversation window is only for messages, not for notification or
any other information.
Yes, it may now appear strange, but I'm also programmer and I know how annoying
is such behavior like mine right now :D. But now (unfortunatelly for Pidgin developers)
I'm a client and client (unfortunatelly as well) can ask all kinds of stupid and
inteligent questions...
That's why giving a link to the article (which is very interesting and contains
a lot of truth), is not an answer to my question. I don't want you to spend your
time on such not important thing (in contrast with other more important things
in development of Pidgin). 
I will more than gladly write why the previous solution was better (for me) and
read, analyze and think about all answers I receive (both from the point of view of
the client and the programmer).
I don't know if my opinion (maybe too long :D) convinces you, but please answer me
just in one sentence: is it possible to turn the 'feature' off or to switch it back?
Thanks for attention. You're doing great job! I love Pidgin (Gaim) from the first sight :D.
Keep on going guys and good luck!


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