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Christian Wisner-Carlson chipwizme at
Sun Mar 9 12:29:02 EDT 2008

Dear Dedicated Developers,
I have, over time, accrued various ideas for the improvement of Pidgin.
As I am not a coder, I feel that I should submit my ideas for
consideration. Here they are:

*Split Pidgin and Finch from libpurple completely, so that the backend
and frontend may run on different machines, allowing multiple frontends.
This would allow people to put libpurple on their servers, leave their
accounts always signed on, and be able to roam between their computers

*MySQL/SQLite integration: The pidgin buddylist format is slow,
disorganized, and easily corruptible (I have to delete it and rename my
contacts every once in awhile). Allowing libpurple to store buddy
information, account information (encrypted hopefully), logs,
configuration, etc in a database would make it much easier to add
features as well, eliminating the need for specific file access. Plugins
could also store information in the database. This would also provide an
incentive for enterprise use, when combined with the previous

I've had many other ideas that I cannot recall at the moment. I'll try
to send them when I do. Please provide me feedback on these ideas if you
have the time.

Christian Wisner-Carlson
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