Make purple_blist_load() static (#3288) - necessary?

Jay Goel jpgoel at
Sun Mar 9 21:41:50 EDT 2008

That makes sense; in fact, if ui_init() is not called first, then pidgin 
will segfault.

However, the patch actually changes when the blist is initialized. 
libpurple/core.c now looks like:

purple_core_init(const char *ui)
   /* lots of code */

    * We need to initialize the UI before trying to create the buddy list.
   if (ops != NULL && ops->ui_init != NULL)



(a bit of an eyesore, but that problem is taken care of - unless I have 
missed the mark?)


Evan Schoenberg wrote, On 03/09/2008 02:13 PM:
> I would be okay with this being done automatically, but I do 
> /not/ think that it should happen within blist_init().  The UI has had 
> no chance to perform its own initialization or to associate any of its 
> data with libpurple structures.  This means that the flood of 
> information from loading the blist (buddies added to groups, aliases 
> set, etc. as blist.xml is loaded) may have nowhere to go.
> I think that a second call into the blist module should be made 
> /after/ ops->ui_init() is called, along the lines of 
> blist_finish_initing().  Seem reasonable?
> Thanks for bringing this up on-list.
> -Evan

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