Please change the 2.4.0 input field's resize behaviour

Adam Batkin adam at
Wed Mar 12 08:08:56 EDT 2008


The new input field is broken. If "Show Formatting Toolbars" is checked and I receive a 
new message, the input box is only a couple pixels high. If I manage to navigate to one of 
the few pixels of the text area and start typing, _then_ it expands (to 1 line).

Maybe allow the auto-resizing of input box as an option, but also allow me to manually 
resize it, and more importantly, REMEMBER its size so that it is consistent. Even if the 
autosizing weren't broken as I described above, it's still nice to have a slightly larger 
area, as it is a bigger mouse target when trying to focus it.

Pidgin 2.4.0
GTK+ 2.12.5

Just a thought,

-Adam Batkin

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