Google Summer of Code

Mark Doliner mark at
Mon Mar 17 20:02:15 EDT 2008

Dear Developers,

We've been accepted as a mentoring organization into Google's fantastic Summer
of Code program again this year (rejoice!).  We're listed as "Pidgin," but of
course Finch and libpurple projects are welcome.  More information about the
program can be found at

Aspiring Mentors: Please request to be added as a mentor for the "Pidgin"
project using the form at

Who should be a mentor?  People listed as a developer in Pidgin's about window
are great candidates.  And you don't necessarily have to mentor someone, you
can just sign up as a mentor if you want to help review student applications.
 The more the merrier!

Aspiring Students: Applications can be submitted starting in one week, on
Monday, March 24th.  Feel free to check out our project ideas page at  If you have any questions
about anything, please ask on this mailing list or our irc channel, #pidgin on

Your friendly neighborhood ant,

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