Yahoo 's msn interoperability

Sulabh Mahajan at
Tue Mar 18 09:36:34 EDT 2008

Hello folks,

I am working on msn interoperability for yahoo.
As of now we cant add, delete, or send an im (without first adding) to an
msn buddy.

A small patch I am onto, lets you add msn buddies ( ones),
delete them, and im them even if you do not add them.
Once added most things work fine. I am still looking into what might not

Since windows live id can be any email id registered with msn, yahoo prpl
must have ability to add any type of email address as msn buddy.
Unfortunately there is no good method of differentiating between ids while
adding them as buddy, not without modifying the UI for letting know the
library which network the id belongs to.

I did discuss this topic over irc. We came to the conclusion that without
modifying UI, the best foolproof way to let yahoo prpl know that the buddy
to be added is an msn one is to add "msn@" prefix in the id. That is to add
msn at as msn buddy, where abcd at is actual windows live id.

Please give you views on this, and also if someone got a better idea than
doing this.

A general construct can be worked upon to add support to any protocol yahoo
works with, if a way to differentiate ids can be figured out.

Since most msn users have ids on domain, i can submit a patch to
make it work for most of us. Adding abcd at will work fine
thereafter. Should i submit it now or develop it further to recognize non
standard window live ids.


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