install did not set good permissions on new directories

Jeff Smith jsmith at
Fri Mar 21 11:07:05 EDT 2008

On Thursday 20 March 2008 15:39, Ka-Hing Cheung wrote:
> Did you use sudo, or su -? If it's the former, maybe sudo is
> keeping your user's environment.
> your umask is masking out all the permissions for world. Fix your
> umask to me something more reasonable and make install again.
> -khc

Thank you, it makes sense. Looks like I wasn't aware that it used the 
umask. Normally I don't see this problem, I guess because normally 
use 'su  -' just to be safe. Being safe is good  :)  More commonly 
for my user, I need umask 007 because I manage my development group, 
and do not want source code globally visible. So thanks!

Now my problem compliling 2.4.0, which I may need help with after a 
little more research...

Happy camping; --jeffs

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