Get jabber id from a PurpleConvChatBuddy.

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Fri Mar 21 16:25:21 EDT 2008

* Benjamin Arnaud had this to say on [21 Mar 2008, 19:38:49 +0100]:
> Hey there, I'm coding a Qt client using libpurple.
> I'm trying to retrieve a jabber ID (eg: John at from a PurpleConvChatBuddy.
> Is there any way to do so using purple ?

It looks like currently it's not doable. However, once #3420 is
resolved, it should be possible. I am not entirely sure a bump in the
major is required either. I'll try to see if it can be added in 2.x
without breaking anything.


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