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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sat Mar 22 10:19:48 EDT 2008

Andreas Monitzer wrote:
> Uh, isn't that a bit large for a summer project? Just take a look at  
> the size of Adium, and try to imagine a student writing that in 3  
> months on his own.

Sadrul wrote Finch *and* libgnt in a single summer.  It's definitely doable.
Adium, from what I've seen, has a lot of additional code and layers that would
not be necessary in a Windows application, so Adium itself is not a good
indicator of the amount of work involved.  Also, remember that the intent of the
Summer of Code is for the project to be a full-time job for the student.

> I've heard that MFC is hell, btw. Writing windows apps in .NET is  
> supposed to be much easier.
> andy

Using .NET introduces additional challenges for the student.  Currently glib and
libpurple on Windows are linked against msvcrt.dll, which is the old Visual
Studio 6 runtime library.  .NET applications are linked against msvcrt7.dll (or
is it msvcrt8.dll now?), which means anything crossing the .NET to libpurple
divide *will* have major problems, as has been described previously on this
list.  Using MFC may be a bit unwieldy for the uninitiated, but it would allow
the use of MinGW's compilers or Visual Studio 6 for compilation, thus yielding a
binary without the aforementioned issues.


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