about audio an video again (GSoC)

Nikita Pchelin nikitacnd at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 10:45:44 EDT 2008


So I was looking through the links I've been provided with, and I've got
some sort of plan in my head, about how that all may work. I would like
to ask others to tell me where I am wrong.

So if I were to implement audio/video support, I would do (from bottom 
to top):

1. Adding support for audio and video transmission and playback
(some sort of API, that is independent from the top levels of 
application and
protocol, and can be used for data transmission and output).

2. User interface
(provide some user interface that developers could use for future protocol
 development, for example, a video output window).

3. Writing actual additions for the protocols, to handle the video/audio 
(i.e. to know when start conversation, when end conversation), use (1) 
to handle it properly,
and (2) to present everything to the user.

Does that make sense?


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