Libpurple error.

Benjamin Arnaud bunjeee at
Mon Mar 24 16:12:35 EDT 2008

That solved it,

I spent one night trying to understand what was going wrong.
Can't believe you found out the answer just like that assuming I was coding in C++.

Thanks a lot guys ! :-)
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  2008/3/24 Ethan Blanton <elb at>:

    Daniel Atallah spake unto us the following wisdom:

    > 2008/3/23 Benjamin Arnaud <bunjeee at>:

     > 1>./release\ZePurpleApi.o(.text+0xc6):ZePurpleApi.cpp: undefined reference
    > > to `wpurple_g_io_channel_win32_new_socket(int)'

    > It's hard to guess what might be wrong without additional information about
    > how you've compiled libpurple and how you're trying to use it-  that
    > function *is* exported from libpurple (pidgin uses it).

    I'm guessing that the problem is mistaken mangling, as win32dep.h has
    no extern "C" directive.  However, some other random vagary of the
    win32 platform is just as likely.  ;-)

  Aha!  That is probably exactly the problem.  I'll fix that for the next release - in the meantime, you can edit the header yourself to add the appropriate stuff.


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