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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Mar 26 11:32:21 EDT 2008

Richard Laager wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-03-22 at 10:19 -0400, John Bailey wrote:
>> Using .NET introduces additional challenges for the student.  Currently glib and
>> libpurple on Windows are linked against msvcrt.dll, which is the old Visual
>> Studio 6 runtime library.  .NET applications are linked against
>> msvcrt7.dll
> It might actually be easier to solve these issues and then use .NET than
> to avoid them and write with MFC. I hope this is not immediately
> dismissed.

I've done a bit of digging and determined that the major hurdle here will
probably be gettext.  Glib provides Visual Studio 2005 project support files
that need only minor tweaking for include paths, but it of course requires
gettext.  Gettext no longer supports Visual Stuido at all, instead expecting the
use of Cygwin and MinGW.  Once these obstacles are overcome, I imagine getting
libpurple to build with Visual Studio 2005 will be the next hurdle, which
shouldn't be too difficult.  At that point, .NET is definitely doable.

Note that VS2005 primarily supports development for .NET 2.0.


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