Plugin clutter (aka. should "Escape closes conversations" be in pidginrc?)

Will Thompson will at
Sat May 24 19:41:41 EDT 2008

On IRC earlier, rlaager said:
> By the way... wjt: What do you think of moving the "Close
> conversations with the Escape key" option to the "Pidgin GTK+
> Theme Control" plugin?

If I didn't know what a Gtk+ theme was, I would have no idea that I
should enable that plug-in to change fonts and colours and… apparently
also the horizontal separation in some GtkTreeView?

I don't really mind where the Escape key pref goes, as long as it's
there somewhere (given that it's a reasonable shortcut to want and
there's no other reasonable way to set it).  But, would it be worth
splitting the Theme Control plug-in into, say, Extra Font Preferences
and Keyboard Shortcut Preferences (comprising the Gtk key theme pref,
the escape closes conversation pref, and misc. extra prefs that will
emerge)?  Perhaps the former could merge with Conversation Colours?

The Plug-ins dialogue is kind of cluttered with a bunch of unrelated
things.  There are things like DBus Example and the XMPP Console which
are kind of niche and for developers; there's all the preference
overflow plugins, like New Line, Message Notification and friends; and
then there are the mad toy plugins, like Gestures, Text Replacement,
etc.  Maybe they should be categorized?

(And, is the horizontal separation of the buddy list really a commonly
used gtkrc setting? :-))

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