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Richard Allen ra at
Fri May 2 07:18:38 EDT 2008

Hear Hear.

I coded for a now dead project for a few years. It was certainly our aim to 
make our product meet the design criteria and also to meet our users needs.
Even then, we regularly got people ranting on our forums and mailinglists 
about change X, feature Y or bug Z which wasn't fixed yet which almost 
completely took the joy out of the work and played a big part in the 
eventual demise of the project.

I also know how a few lines from somebody who appreciates the thousands of 
hours the developers have put into the project can feel like :)

So my two cents are: Guys, the input box is a completely minor issue and the 
simple fact that certain people choose this very thing to cry over goes to 
show how fantastic Pidgin really is.  I mean, It's not like they have 
something real to cry over ? :)

Great work on Pidgin, and belive it or not, most of us users are grateful 
for your work and for Pidgin.  Keep up the good work :)

I'm going back to packing for a trip to a summer cottage up north with my 
girlfriend who I first met using Pidgin :)

Daniel Päßler wrote:
> hi,
> as a user i absolutely agree with this. Additionally i think, that such
> useless discussions are more than counterproductive and should be avoid
> by silently ignoring those complaints at all. Reasonable suggestions
> have always been accepted by the Developers and, in most cases,
> implemented. And what we got is the most powerful IM out there. And if
> anyone is unhappy with Pidgin, he simply is free to:
> 1. help to improve it (which does _not_ mean to rant in the mailing
> list)
> 2. use another (better?) IM of choice (will be hard to find one, if at
> all ;-) )
> So let the Developers do, what they can best: improve Pidgin for all of
> us.
> Thank you, guys. You all do a great job and i really appreciate this.
> regards,
> daniel
> Am Freitag, den 02.05.2008, 08:45 +0200 schrieb Sascha Vogt:
>> Hi
>> MonoApe schrieb:
>>> Allan Clark wrote:
>>> Probably not - reading the bug report it's evident that this issue is
>>> closed, so I was more venting than hoping to achieve what dozens of
>>> others had failed to do and persuade the devs to accommodate the
>>> wishes of many users.  Also, rekkanoryo's post, that I responded to,
>>> just 'pressed a button'.  Whatcha gonna do?
>> So, here is a user, who likes the new auto-resizing. I guess, I'd vote 
>> for keeping the feature, or otherwise said, I'd probably complain if the 
>> UI changes would be rolled back.
>> No what? Because some posted the want the old behaviour you think this 
>> is the majority? And if it was, what about the minority then? This would 
>> probably still be an enormous number.
>> Btw: After analyzing my logfiles I was convinced that the feature is 
>> really a good one -> 95% of my messages are one- and two-liners, so the 
>> input field isn't jumping at all.
>> Greetings
>> -Sascha-
>> PS: I'm neither a Pidgin dev nor more involved in the project apart from 
>> posting once a month in here. But in general I believe the following:
>> - OSS is created by people for themself. Not for a community, not for 
>> getting money and not for getting the respect. So it should primarily 
>> fit _their_ needs.
>> - In addition to the above, the code is released into the public, so 
>> anyone who disklike something or needs more features is able to extend 
>> or modify the software to _their_ needs.
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