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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Fri May 2 18:21:45 EDT 2008

>> I have an editline which is supposed to specify a "Nickname" for 
>> every account that can have one. (Server name for MSN, Nick for XMPP 
>> and so on...) Any plan on implementing 
>> purple_account_set_server_name_for_all() or something like that ?

The solution Mark proposed is far better than this; if all the prpls supporting
a server-side ("public") alias had a simple function to update that alias, we
could add a purple_account_set_public_alias(PurpleAccount *account, const gchar
*alias), at which point it would be trivial to do something like:

GList *l;
PurpleAccount *account;
PurplePluginProtocolInfo *info;

for(l = purple_accounts_get_all(); l; l = l->next) {
	account = l->data;
	purple_account_set_public_alias(account, alias);

This would then update all the aliases.  There's really no need to implement
this in libpurple itself.

Granted, this is not yet possible given our current API, but there's no reason
we couldn't do this at some point.

> I definitely think we should add a prpl->set_nickname() callback, or some
> such, since it's pretty difficult for UIs to set the MSN friendly name, or
> format your oscar screen name.  I'm not sure if we should wait until 3.0.0 to
> do this, or if we should do it earlier.  Ad we would probably want to handle
> other getters and setters on a case by case basis.

I have no objection to doing this at any time API-wise.  I do, however, have a
strong objection to doing this before we have an MSN prpl that implements
something newer than MSNP9.  Such a function would make it trivial for someone
to write a plugin (or UI) to abuse the friendly name as a status message, as has
been requested and denied (for countless good reasons) numerous times.


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