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Fri May 2 23:20:37 EDT 2008

Tim Ringenbach spake unto us the following wisdom:
> So what is/are the current status of the MSN protocol plugins? I'm still
> somewhat confused about the whole situation.

You ain't the only one.  ;-)  My understanding is that there are some
remaining rather serious bugs (something to do with having to renew a
token periodically or lose functionality, but we don't renew the
token; some memory leaks; etc.), but there are patches in the tracker
for several of them and ideas on how to fix the others.  It sounds to
me like we're an afternoon of work away from an MSNP14/15 (it's not
exactly clear to me which) plugin which is *no worse* than the MSNP9
plugin we're using presently.  It will have bugs, but lord knows the
MSNP9 plugin does, too.  I think the consensus of the developers who
were around at the time is that we should be pushing the new MSN
plugin sooner, rather than later.

It's my understanding that we can thank several contributors for
helping to bring this to the point where we can talk about merging it,
by the way -- as we have been asking for for some time.  QuLogic and
Masca, particularly, I believe, have been helpful in this effort.  (If
I'm leaving someone out or giving credit to someone who wasn't working
on this, sorry; as I mentioned before, it's definitely not my area.)

Ka-Hing or someone else better aquainted than I should probably
confirm this understanding of our status.

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