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Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Sat May 3 05:00:20 EDT 2008

2008/5/3 John Bailey <rekkanoryo at>:
>  seeing.  This page will likely fall out of date very quickly, just like the
>  devtodo files did.

I agree, there are old wiki and other pages everywhere. I can promise
to at least keep the page bookmarked for now, and I'm generally
interested enough in keeping things up-to-date that I can't stand if
completely outdated information is present (if I know better).

I think the MSN and voice & video support are the most hot topics for
users, but other topics can be freely added, too. One thing that helps
is to have "Last updated" in the sections on the page, which I just
added among some other updates. That way people have a way of
measuring if the information on the page is indeed outdated or not.

Regarding Felipe's description:"Perhaps they prefer to look to the
future, perhaps they don't acknowledge there have been mistakes, or
perhaps they really don't care.", this is perhaps all part of the same
general thing. The developers of Pidgin have been just more strongly
interested in hacking their software, somewhat neglecting
uninteresting things like pondering project processes or public
presence. Though it's hard to say much without really dwelling into
it, and even that may have been false statement, but generally for
many other projects it's easier to write a "history" about how things
progressed, what were the problem points and disputes during some
specific years and how were they eventually remedied. On the other
hand, just as an example, some of the marketing "department" of Pidgin
has been really successful, I love the whole Pidgin concept and
artwork et al.

Anyway, if that's what people enjoy, hacking Pidgin (like Ethan
mentioned), I can't really blame them, even though sometimes not
everything goes as well as it could go. More documentation and
information could have been written by others for a long time already,
but there haven't been people doing it.


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