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Maiku cmaiku at
Fri May 9 04:37:57 EDT 2008

> Girard Aquino wrote:
> > is there any development, plan whatsoever on providing webcam and voip
> > features for pidgin on the different protocols?

Currently, there is a voice and video branch being worked on in the monotone
database. Some of its progress is being tracked on ticket #34 ( ). In addition, my Summer of Code project is to
work on implementing voice and video for the XMPP protocol.

> Mayank Jain Nawal wrote:
> > I am having some knowledge of SIP protocol and love to devote time in
> > development of voip features. If any body is working on this please let
> > know how can I assist.

I can't rightfully suggest checking out the voice and video branch at the
moment, as it hasn't yet caught up with recent developments. The idea at
this point, as far as I know, is that through implementing support for XMPP
(because it's an open standard) we'll be able to get most of libPurple's
framework done and stabilized along with Pidgin's GUI. Then we would move on
to the other protocols.

It would probably be best to wait until the voice and video branch catches
up. Also, you might want to pick a protocol you'd want to work on (unless
you meant for SIMPLE) and become more familiar with how it handles signaling
for voice and/or video sessions.

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