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Andrew Roeder correnthean at
Sun May 11 00:46:54 EDT 2008

Apewall said on,
"I really fail to see why there would be a problem with combining the
auto-resize with the ability to scale the input area.

Anything but this is a regression in usability in either direction"

Personally I won't be happy until we can combine the two features of manual
resizing and automatic resizing.  I'm not impressed by either of them alone,
so I feel like new automatic resizing is a regression, but a rather linear
regression sideways.

Manual resizing alone=sucks

Automatic resize with a tiny 4 line input area=sucks also

Two wrongs could make a right.....

Sorry to restate myself yet again here, but changes like this really
shouldn't be made until they "work perfectly".  If GTK is limited and
actually NOT able to accomplish it, then the change should not have been
made until it can.
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