pidgin: 3082d15c: Fix the breakage with account aliases th...

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Tue May 13 02:22:17 EDT 2008

John Bailey wrote:
>> To recreate:
>>    Manage Account
>>    Add an alias
>>    Save
>>    Manage Account
>>    Notice your alias isn't there.
>> -D
> I can't reproduce this, and I still can't see anything that would explain it in
> gtkaccount.c, but I may be blind.
> John

Come to think of it, this is almost exactly the same behavior I saw *before*
3082d15c, which  is why I committed 3082d15c.  The difference was that *any*
change (even none at all) would cause the alias to be lost if you clicked Save.

Did this appear with all protocols or only specific ones?  Does it matter if the
account is enabled, disabled, offline, online, or any possible combinations of
these?  (Given the code there, I can't conceive how the protocol or status could
have an effect on this.)

I've now tried several randomly selected revisions between this and 64263ae2
(current i.p.p head), then double checked both 3082d15c and 64263ae2 and cannot
reproduce the loss of the alias with any of them.


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