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On Wednesday 14 May 2008 9:30:01 pm devel-request at pidgin.im wrote:
> Mayank Jain Nawal spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > At most of the places chatting is not allowed, to stop users from doing
> > that port numbers are generally blocked. So are we still using port
> > numbers for identifying that the traffic belong to specific application
> > (I guess in pidgin we are are using port numbers).
> What are you trying to say?  This email does not make sense.
I mean why user need to specify which port his application is using? What is 
the need to specify the Connection port number. 
> Pidgin uses a random local port, and for every protocol the remote
> port is configurable.  However, servers only listen on particular
> ports.  For some (such as AOL's OSCAR servers) any port can be used,
> for others (most XMPP servers) only a very specific port can be used.
> There is nothing the client can do about this.
> > Possible solution to this is use of Dynamic ports. User should not be
> > restricted to use a particular port for certain application, the
> > identification of packet should be on the basis of certain unique string
> > or certain signature which should be present in every packet, not on the
> > basis of port which a particular application uses.
> I think you need to look into a decent networking textbook.  
> Packet 
> classification is handled by the operating system, not the
> application, and for TCP (which all IM protocols supported by Pidgin
> use for their primary negotiations) the port numbers of a connection
> are fixed from connection establishment forward.
> If my comments do not address your concerns, please try to clarify
> your concerns.  As I said, they do not really make sense.
> Ethan
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