Pidgin Feature Request

Alan Jaw airjaw at
Fri May 16 01:57:51 EDT 2008

Hello, I want to start off by praising Pidgin and all the developers
involved.  I've been using it for a year or two now and its simply the best
IM client in my opinion.

With the latest upgrade, I am now on *Pidgin 2.4.1, *and I noticed that a
new feature was added which displays a popup window listing details of the
buddy list group your cursor is on when you place your cursor over the group

For example, if I have a group in my buddy list with the name "Buddies", and
I put my mouse cursor over this group name, a popup window appears,

Total Buddies: X

type of account, accountname
(AIM icon, randomscreenname)

Can this popup feature be either taken out or can an option to disable it be
added?  My buddy list is too long for my screen, so I have a habit of
minimizing the groups to save space.  Now whenever I minimize or maximize
the buddy list group, the popup gets in the way of my buddy list and
distracts me.

Thank you.  I look forward to seeing pidgin improve and using it for many
more years to come.

Alan Jaw
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