IM Freedom administrivia

Mark Doliner mark at
Fri May 16 03:39:32 EDT 2008

1. I made a really poor website:  Hopefully it covers
the basics.  Anyone with access should feel free to improve it, clarify stuff,
add content, make it php include a header and footer and use them on all pages
(including the mailing list info page), check it into monotone, etc.  It lives
at /home/var/imfreedom/www/ on homing.

If anyone from the community has questions or doesn't understand something,
please ask us!  Because we probably haven't done a great job of getting the
word out.

2. This was mentioned a while ago, but there is a wiki at that's being used to document IM protocols.  It has
a pretty impressive amount of content already.  If you're familiar with a
particular IM protocol and have always wanted somewhere to flaunt your
knowledge, this is the place.

3. I made a mailing list page for imfreedom:  We also have a "MessageStyles" mailing
list at  It has never
been used and I was wondering if it's really needed.  Couldn't the discussion
about standardized MessageStyles take place on openim at


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