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Richard Laager rlaager at
Wed May 21 13:34:25 EDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-05-21 at 13:40 +0200, Vivien Bernet-Rollande wrote:
> >From what i read, Gnome KeyRing is slithly different. The simplest thing
> to do would be to create a pidgin specific keyring, protected by it's
> own password, which is asked to the user when pidgin starts (or when a
> password is needed). It might also be an option to put the credentials
> in the GNOME_KEYRING_DEFAULT keyring, which is unlocked on login, for
> easier use.

I don't think we need a Pidgin-specific keyring. If someone has a need
for that, we can later offer the option to choose the keyring to use.
That'd be relatively easy, but without a clear use case, the additional
code isn't worth it.

Also, to be honest, while GNOME Keyring allows applications to choose
which keyring to use, I think I'd prefer if that was managed centrally
through GNOME Keyring. For example, I could create keyrings in some
utility and then associate applications with those keyrings. Otherwise,
this is going to be a case of "every program has to do this", where
"this" is "allow the user to choose which keyring to use".

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