now-playing: pidgin 2.4.2, audacious 1.5.0, ubuntu 8.04

Adam Ambrus eidam655 at
Sat May 24 14:02:45 EDT 2008


i've just upgraded from pidgin 2.4.1 to 2.4.2.

one thing i miss is that the pidgin-audacious plugin does not work; 
works only when pidgin <= 2.4.1 is installed.

i would like to ask, whether there is any alternative to this plugin, 
that would work with my applications combination (see the Subject of 
this message).

or, if you could navigate me to Audacious DBus API, or "how to get 
results of 'audtool current-song' bash command within python script," i 
would be thankful to you.

Best regards / S pozdravom Adam Ambrus
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