Git repo clone

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at
Mon May 26 05:54:11 EDT 2008


I just finished creating the first version of the repository:
git clone git://

It's based on the im.pidgin.pidgin branch. I used a simple algorithm
to remove unnecessary merges. The result is a straight forward
repository with only 16% of merges, which are shown as a big commit
named "Unresolved merge".

The big branch merges also appear as a big merge commit, but
fortunately there are only 16 of those.

A few issues leaked into this repo, but I already fixed the script. I
guess the same script can also be used to create a bzr clone.

All the commit's messages have an extra subject line, monotone id, and
signed-off-by lines.

Check it out.

Time to clone: 40 seconds
Size: 28M (after gc)
Time of git log: 0.162
Time of git diff: 0.173

It's definitely easier to grasp ;)

Best regards.

Felipe Contreras

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