Enabling Logging By Default (Was: Re: Pidgin usability look on the web)

david david.mty at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 13:16:45 EST 2008

> I've enabled logging by default (for chats and IMs, not the "system"
> log) for our next minor release. I've also changed the default logging
> type to HTML so that the logs include formatting and thus look
> identical* to when they were originally sent.
This is not an objection.

But, when using Conversation Colors Plugin and HTML type for logs, the logs
are not saved with identical look as when they were originally sent. I know
it isn't easy to get this 'cause i already look into the code. But, is there
any chance logs can look as when they were originally sent and viewed using
Conversation Colors Plugin?

Sorry for my poor english.
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